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5G Accessibility at Home

High-tech upgrade ideas for Atlanta luxury homes

Equipping your property with the latest innovations is one of the most satisfying ways to maximize a luxury home. If you already own, or are planning to buy a gorgeous mansion in Atlanta, these 10 high-tech upgrades will deliver the high-end lifestyle that you have always dreamed of: An entire system of voice-activated appliances With the wonders of Wi-Fi, everything in your house can be more connected than ever before. You can easily assemble a system of interconnected appliances that ...

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Family Cleaning and Sanitizing the House to Avoid COVID-19 Infection

The parents’ guide to keeping the kids happy and engaged at home during COVID-19

One benefit of staying at home as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 is having more time with your family. However, with the need to juggle both work and domestic responsibilities—not to mention the varying degrees of anxiety caused by the pandemic and other pressing current events—it can be particularly challenging for parents to stay composed during these trying times. Making sure that your kids are comfortable, relaxed, and engaged despite these difficult circumstances is an exce...

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Well-lit Living Room

Make your condo look and feel larger with effective staging

Large and welcoming spaces are always attractive to homebuyers. But what if your property has limited square footage? This is a common concern that condo owners face when the time comes to sell their units. Fortunately, modestly sized living spaces can easily look roomier with some clever staging. Try these 10 staging strategies to make your condo look bigger and more inviting in the eyes of scrutinizing buyers: Remove excess and unessential furniture and fixtures All good staging ...

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Living Room by the Window

What you need to know when you buy an Atlanta condo

Condos are a popular choice among the wide variety of homes for sale in Atlanta, appealing to people who want convenient access to their workplaces, as well as local amenities and attractions. Like shopping for a house, the search for the perfect condo comes with a great deal of thought and preparation. In this blog, Natalie Gregory & Co. breaks down nine important matters to consider when searching for the ideal condo: What can you find in and around the condo building or complex? ...

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Home landscape

Transform a luxury home with these backyard landscaping ideas

Improving your landscaping is a great way to make your backyard appear more luxurious and can make your home a whole lot more tempting for buyers. Transform your outdoor space into your very own luxury oasis. Make it as inviting and comfortable as a luxury resort by adding stunning elements such as a beautiful minimalist outdoor patio or an infinity pool that can bring unparalleled sophistication. Do you enjoy gardening? Add color through a profusion of flowers or if that’s not quite your thin...

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