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Transform a luxury home with these backyard landscaping ideas

Improving your landscaping is a great way to make your backyard appear more luxurious and can make your home a whole lot more tempting for buyers. Transform your outdoor space into your very own luxury oasis. Make it as inviting and comfortable as a luxury resort by adding stunning elements such as a beautiful minimalist outdoor patio or an infinity pool that can bring unparalleled sophistication. Do you enjoy gardening? Add color through a profusion of flowers or if that’s not quite your thing, consider a Zen garden. There are just so many possibilities to boost your backyard aesthetic (and the price of your property)!

Nothing bumps up the price of Atlanta luxury homes more than a top-notch backyard. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true: an unkempt yard significantly decreases a home’s selling price. You’ll want to make sure the yard is looking its best if you want to sell luxurymansions in Atlanta.

While mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges may do the trick, you might want to go the extra mile and invest in backyard landscaping. A professionally landscaped backyard with all the bells and whistles and a great luxury aesthetic can become the perfect outdoor paradise for any homeowner. Consider the following backyard landscaping ideas to improve your home’s outdoor vibe and have its value shoot through the roof:

  1. Opt for a flagstone patio instead of a deck

    Decks are always a great addition to any home’s outdoor space. However, decks typically need regular maintenance and often require constant repairs. Decks also pose a risk of accidents for pets and children. Instead, opt for a flagstone patio. Not only will a patio add a beautifully minimalist element to your space, it’ll also be a great set-it-and-forget-it investment, as it won’t require much maintenance over the long term.

  2. Turn a grassy patch into an outdoor room

    While greenery definitely adds value, mowing and seeding may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For homeowners who aren’t blessed with green thumbs, grassy yards are more of a bane than a boon. Instead, convert a grass patch into a separate room—perhaps an outdoor mudroom or a peaceful serenity spot—by combining hardscape and low-maintenance plants. Not only will you spend fewer hours mowing, you’ll also have an extra bit of space dedicated to relaxation that you can share with family and friends.

  3. Upgrade the pool area

    When it comes to luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, pools are a tricky feature. A sleek lap pool or an infinity pool can add a touch of sophistication and be an excellent focal point when you need to do some entertaining. Keep in mind, however, that a pool that’s been badly maintained can decrease your home’s value—and pretty significantly, too. If the pool in your home is looking a little worse for wear, you might want to consider upgrading the pool area to look more “summer vacation” than “abandoned water hole.”

  4. Set up a yurt or a sturdy outdoor tent

    If you’re fond of spending your time in the great outdoors, you should consider setting up a yurt or an outdoor tent in the backyard. These types of tents have a sturdy wooden structure and are generally well-insulated, but are less permanent than an actual building, making them a lot more non-committal. A yurt makes for a great hang-out spot during the cooler months of the year. It can also double as an extra multi-purpose room: use the yurt as a guest room, a pool house, an entertainment area, or an outdoor living room!

  5. Install hammocks or a swing sofa

    Nothing says “cozy backyard” more than a swing or a hammock. The idea of swinging softly in the cool, fresh air can really cement your backyard as a space for rest and relaxation. Hammocks are great, affordable options to hang out in, but for a more luxury feel, opt for a swing sofa. Swing sofas are the perfect middle ground between a bench and a hammock, and are visually intriguing to boot.

  6. Cultivate a flower garden

    If gardening is your thing, consider cultivating a flower garden to spruce up your outdoor area. Bushes upon bushes of colorful blossoms will guarantee that your home looks beautiful, warm, and inviting 24/7. Not just that, but tending to the garden is an excellent outdoor activity that budding gardeners and serious plant enthusiasts are bound to enjoy.

  7. Turn a shed into a studio or hobby room

    If your outdoor space has a shed gathering dust in the back, think twice before you knock down the entire thing. Instead, refurbish the shed into a studio or a hobby room. Re-purposing the shed space won’t just make your backyard look a little more polished, it’ll also add an extra room to your home, boosting its overall sale price.

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