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a cozy study space

How to create a great study space for kids & teens

Learning and studying is a lifelong process that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. It can help shape your future. And whatever you pick up, you will likely take with you for life.  But before we go in too deep, kids and teens need ...

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flat lay of creative materials and equipment for home renovation

Easy home projects that will keep you busy

Are you staying at home and already out of things to do? Instead of plopping down your couch for another whole-day movie marathon, why not do something for your home instead? Make your free time productive. And if you live with your family, you...

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busy man working on his laptop while taking a call on his phone

Six ways to set up a productive workspace at home

Are you working from your home for the meantime? With the right set up and mindset, you can still expect productive work hours even if you are surrounded by a variety of distractions. Here are several tips on how to create a productive workspac...

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happy family dinning in a restaurant

The best of Atlanta’s kid-friendly dining spots

In Atlanta, kid-friendly restaurants do not just mean places with dining options curated for younger diners. The city takes it to another level. The end result are experiences that make dining out fun and engaging for kids and, to some extent, ...

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Loving couple looking through the glass window of their lovely home

Using glass to raise your home’s value

Are you looking for your next renovation project, preferably one that can increase your home’s value? A fresh coat of paint is simple and relatively inexpensive to do, but if you are looking for something that is worth every penny of your inv...

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