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A Dream Unveiled: The Story of a Home Builder’s Custom Haven in Lake Claire

Meet Steve Goff, Owner of Intown Revival


How did you decide upon Lake Claire as your neighborhood? What specifically drew you?

We originally moved to the neighborhood in 2003. My wife and I were always drawn to the homes, especially older ones, and spent lots of time looking at them. We sort of stumbled across a bungalow that hadn’t been touched in decades. Everyone said this project is too big for a first project. Literally everything had to be redone. But we loved the charm of the neighborhood, the parks and the corner grocery, now Candler Park Market. So we took the plunge and started renovating it on the side.

Several years later, I left my job developing and building commercial properties and moved to the residential side of the business. By 2012, 2 boys and a dog later, we were growing out of our bungalow. We loved the area and the ability to walk our kids to Mary Lin Elementary, so we began looking for a new project in the neighborhood. That is when we found 1889 McLendon. The lot was amazing, and it was a the perfect opportunity to build a house for our family.

Tell us more about the basement apartment. I understand it is a separate quarter all on its own — often for those who work in the entertainment industry. How has that enhanced life in your household or made it more enjoyable?

Yes, we’ve loved having this space, and originally one of us was a little skeptical of this space. We designed it so there would be plenty of parking, a separate entrance and privacy for us and our guests. It has been one of the best things about the house. We have had mostly long-term tenants, many from the movie industry and one who was with us for two years. He became our friend, watching the dog and keeping an eye out on the house when we were gone for long trips. It has been great to have a private place for guests to stay during long visits and a nice source of income when we’ve chosen to rent it.


What do you love most about your backyard? What do you find yourself taking solace in when you are on the property? How do the children use the space?

The backyard and the lot is probably one of my favorite things about the house! It is really large, has lots of original granite hardscaping and the shade is great for my wife’s favorite plants like Japanese maples, hostas, ferns and hydrangeas. The deck was expanded during Covid, and we built a large table that seats 12. We host lots of dinners with family and friends. When the kids were younger, we had a trampoline that saw lots of action, but now that they are in high school and college, they spend more enjoying the fire pit with friends during chilly evenings.

How did being a builder make creating a home to suit your family’s needs easier? How did it present challenges, if any?

We have experience in both renovating and building new. And while we love an older home, with a new build there are just fewer compromises you have to make. Even as we look around this house today, there is not much we’d change. I love the layout and how the house sits on the lot making it feel like you are in a tree house. The garage is huge, which is great for storing bikes and extra building supplies. I love, love, love the walk-in pantry with a door that can hide the mess when things get crazy.

Any parting thoughts?

We have loved it here on McLendon, but I am ready to embark on a new project: a historic remodel in Midtown. It has been 10 years since I created this home, and now I am eager to craft something new. However, I do find that we often compare the renovation we are undertaking in Midtown to this house and layout.

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