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Using glass to raise your home’s value

Are you looking for your next renovation project, preferably one that can increase your home’s value? A fresh coat of paint is simple and relatively inexpensive to do, but if you are looking for something that is worth every penny of your investment, look to glass. Glass opens up any space. It can make a room feel brighter and larger than it really is. And as such, it can significantly alter the look of your space and boost its value in the process, regardless of the scale of your project. ...

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What’s the secret to home buying success?

The success of your home buying experience depends on several factors. The finance aspect of the process is one, not to mention your overall preparations to purchase a home. The seller also plays an important role towards the success of the transaction. But there is a missing link, one that connects you to the other party. It is the secret to home buying success. And it is your relationship with your real estate agent. Why is buyer-agent relationship important? As you may be familiar by...

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Should You Add a Covered Patio to Your Home?

In many parts of the country, a covered patio may be something of an extravagance that does not necessarily add value to the home. Not so in Georgia and the rest of the South, where patios and porches have historically been part of the Southern tradition. When one speaks of Southern living, an image that comes to mind is a beautiful mansion in Atlanta with a wraparound porch or covered patio where people spend hours cooling themselves in the summer. In looking at homes for sale in the Atl...

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Atlanta Georgia GA Drone Skyline Aerial.

A Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta? You couldn’t have made a wiser decision. This bustling metropolis is one of the most dynamic in the US, offering plenty of diverse opportunities for jobs and recreation. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what you can expect when you move to The Big Peach. Quick Facts The city of Atlanta makes up the core of the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA Metropolitan Area, or Metro Atlanta. Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the US, with an estimate...

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Earnest Money Deposit: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, one of the questions you need to ask is, “What is the role of an earnest money deposit when I sell my house in Atlanta?” In reviewing offers for your home, you need to consider a buyer’s earnest money deposit. Earnest money is referred to as “good faith money” because it is a demonstration of the buyer’s serious intent to buy the property. It also serves as a protection for the seller in the event the buyer gets cold feet an...

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