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Interior Design Trends to Make Your Home Sell Faster in 2019

Preparing your home for a sale? Get a feel for interior design trends and make your home more appealing to buyers.


The Pantone Color Institute, which is known for its Color of the Year forecasts, has chosen 72 colors from eight color palettes with the belief that these shades will make their way into interior design in 2019.

The institute has highlighted two of these palettes, Classico and Cravings, which lie on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

The shades of Classico fall on the elegant side and hark back to style fundamentals. You can look forward to shades of white and camel that go well with burgundy red, teal, gray, and gold.

The shades in the Cravings palette are inspired by food – spicy reds, rich purples, chocolate, caviar black, and sweet flamingo orange appeal both to the eye and the taste buds.

Night Watch, a deep green hue, has been declared 2019’s Color of the Year by PPG Paints, another color authority. Evocative of nature’s lush greenery, Night Watch is an excellent choice for homes that lack outdoor views or access, such as windowless rooms and hallways.

It is a great substitute to other on-trend colors like matte black and millennial pink. Complementary colors include PPG’s Moth Gray and Whiskers. It also looks amazing with gilded touches and other high-shine finishes.

But if you’re not ready to paint a whole room or entryway in any of the trending colors mentioned above, you can test them on an accent wall, or the ceiling.


Design trends are leaning towards luxury, and this can be achieved by bringing in soft materials like velvet on sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. These can be paired with marble surfaces and cladding, and aristocratic metals like copper, brass, golden shine, or silver.

Traditional organic materials like wood, stone, and glass will still be a popular choice among interior designers because of their durability and strength. Glass, in particular, is so durable that whole pieces of furniture have been created from it; glass has even been used as a base for marble tops.

Terrazzo and terracotta are also on trend when it comes to materials. Terrazo, a composite material made with chips of marble, quartz, glass, and granite, brings a playful, confetti-like presence to any room. You can incorporate it into your flooring as well as lamps, wallpaper, and shower curtains, in the form of print.


Soft, curved furnishings are making comeback. Popular in the 1960s, they’re a welcome change from the rigid lines that have been in vogue for several decades now. Try this trend with a velveteen sofa, for example, and bring sensuality and a subtle sense of playfulness to any room. You can also incorporate this design trend into your home by adding a curvy chaise lounge or a freeform coffee table.

Look for curved lines in home accessories, too, like wavy candle holders or faux sheepskin rugs, which would be a great addition to your room.


Geometric and tribal patterns never go out of style, thanks to their symmetry. What makes them an excellent choice for 2019is the warmth and familiarity they bring to even the most dismal of rooms.

If you’re hesitant to go all out on geometric and tribal patterns, look for subtle ways to use them – in throw pillows or bedcovers, picture frames, or area rugs. You can easily replace these elements when trends change.

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