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Historic Estates in Atlanta

A Brief Guide to Historic Estates

Atlanta has a wealth of historic estates located in the most beautiful of neighborhoods. This makes the City in the Forest the perfect place for buyers who want to call a historically significant property home. Prospective buyers can scout beautiful and well-maintained historic homes and mansions in Atlanta and end the day with more than a dozen options to consider.

Defining Historic

While age is the foremost factor, it does not exclusively make a home historic. Typically, a property is deemed “historic” if it meets the criteria set forth by the Georgia Register of Historic Places or the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Property must exemplify a signature architectural style
  • Property must “capture” or “embody” the essence of a time period
  • Property must be attached to a historical figure
  • Property must be located in a historically important neighborhood or area

If the property meets any or all of these standards, it can be considered a historic estate or home. The city of Atlanta – specifically its Historic Preservation and Urban Design Commission – also designates buildings and districts in the city using specific criteria.

The Benefits of Owning a Historic Estate

While rewarding, owning a historic property is not always easy. Aside from architectural and engineering inspections for foundational, wiring, and plumbing issues, maintaining a historical property will have its own unique challenges. However, it does have many benefits as well:

  • Tax breaks, Incentives, and Lowered Interest Rates

    Owners of historic homes are encouraged by the government to preserve the historic significance of their homes by a number of ways. They can take advantage of tax breaks and tax credits. In Atlanta, those eligible should check out the Georgia Preferential Property Tax Assessment Program for Rehabilitated Historic Property or the Georgia State Income Tax Credit Program for Rehabilitated Historic Property.

  • Commercial Viability and Income Generation

    It is not every day that property can offer a chance to pay for itself. Though this is not the case for every historic estate, for truly significant properties that are associated with historical figures or events, it is not uncommon for owners to offer tours or host events on the property’s premises for a fee.

  • A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Home

    It goes without saying the historic estates are one of a kind. From an aesthetic and architectural viewpoint, there is no other property like it. For buyers who are in the market for a truly unique home, historic estates are the way to go.

Owning a historical estate is not an easy undertaking. But for those who are up for the challenge of living in and maintaining a silent witness to the most important events of their time, there is no better investment to make.

Atlanta Historic Homes for Sale

The city has numerous historic districts and neighborhoods, which translates to a wide range of options for buyers. You will find everything from 19th century to early 20th century properties in various architectural styles such as Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Queen Anne, and more. There are literally dozens of historic districts in the Atlanta metropolitan area, including Ansley Park, Inman Park, West End, Cabbagetown, Grant Park, Druid Hills, and Tuxedo Park.

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