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Atlanta Restaurants that are Still Serving

One of the perks of living in downtown Atlanta is its thriving food scene. With the current pandemic, however, many are wondering when they can savor their favorite restaurant fare again.

Don’t fret, though—many of the best restaurants in Atlanta and Decatur are open for takeout, curbside pickup, or limited dine-in. Here are our top recommendations:

Miller Union
999 Brady Avenue NW, Atlanta
Takeout and curbside pickup

Chef Steven Satterfield’s Miller Union has been reinventing Southern soul cuisine for the modern era. And with evolution being inherent in its DNA, it’s no surprise that the restaurant is evolving its menu and service for the times we live in. While Miller Union closed for a few weeks to prepare food for medical frontliners in Atlanta, it has started offering a modified menu that features scrumptious fixed-price takeout meals. The marinated and grilled boneless chicken with new potatoes, spring peas, asparagus, herbs, and parm‬ is definitely worth ordering.

1460 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard NW Suite 1, Atlanta
Takeout and curbside pickup

This beloved pillar of the Atlanta dining scene continues to offer delicious and uplifting feasts during these trying times. For $100, you can order four hearty courses, including its signature Maine lobster with English pea and blood orange ponzu. If you’re craving something tangy and savory to whet your appetite, the restaurant offers a cheese course, too. Its sophisticated food is perfect for date night or a celebration.

753 Edgewood Avenue NE, Atlanta
Takeout and patio dine-in (by reservation)

BoccaLupo offers Italian-American fusion cuisine, but Chef Bruce Logue and his team insist on making pasta the old-fashioned way: by extruding them by hand. The restaurant also places a premium on seasonal ingredients, and thus, updates its menu frequently to reflect that. The owner regularly posts the day’s takeout menu on its Facebook page, which features crowd favorites such as black spaghetti with red shrimp, hot Calabrian sausage, and scallions, as well as assorted desserts and alcoholic beverages. BoccaLupo has also recently reopened its covered outdoor patio for dine-in service, though reservations are required.

Tassili’s Raw Reality
1059 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, Atlanta
Online orders and pickup

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught people, it’s the importance of good health. For those looking to eat more greens and boost their immunity, Tassili’s Raw Reality has you covered. A great place to start is its Mandingo Wrap, which fits 40 ounces of kale into a jumbo-sized serving. Those looking for lighter fare can try their delicious salads, including the must-try okra salad with sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and corn. It’s also worth noting that all menu items are 100% vegan, and all ingredients are ethically sourced. Diners must place their orders online, and they will be informed of what time they should drop by to pick up their food.

Brush Sushi Izakaya
316 Church Street, Decatur
Curbside pickup and patio dine-in (by reservation)

Chef Jason Liang’s gastro pub offers some of the finest sushi in Atlanta and it’s all because of the quality of its ingredients. For instance, some of the fish they use are flown in directly from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. The chefs employ traditional Edomae techniques to ensure that each sushi is a finely crafted bite of goodness. Luckily, customers can now order a family-style sushi spread that can be picked up curbside, though orders must be placed by 3 PM. You can also order other popular items such as charashi and nigiri. The restaurant has also recently opened its patio to diners, though it’s best to book a reservation first.

Kimball House
303 E Howard Avenue, Decatur
Order pickup and patio dine-in (by reservation)

Many will tell you that Kimball House serves the best-shucked oysters in town. You’ll be delighted to know that this beloved delicacy is among the items on the restaurant’s takeout menu. Other must-try dishes include crab cakes with mizuna salad, carrot, and orange, as well as the grouper with grits, kale, leek, mushroom, and capers. The menu is seasonal, so diners should regularly check Kimball House’s Instagram account for the most up-to-date offerings. Like the other restaurants on this list, it has also begun opening its patio for dine-in customers (call to reserve first!).

Dining out is one of the best things to do in downtown Atlanta or Decatur, and food lovers can rest assured that they can continue enjoying their favorite food from the area’s best restaurants despite the current crisis.

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