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5 Reasons to Fix Up Your Home Before Selling

If you are looking for ways to sell your house in Atlanta fast and at a great price, make sure to address any evident or hidden repair needs. Get these done early on, even before you put your home on the market. As a seller, your duty is to always offer a good product – in this case, a home in excellent livable condition, ready for its next owner.

Here are your motivations for getting repair work done before selling your home:

  • You can attract better offers and encourage faster deals

    Nothing impresses potential buyers more than a well-maintained, move-in ready home. Interested buyers will have a more positive experience when viewing your home if repairs are done beforehand. If they can’t find anything in your property to complain or worry about, it becomes easier for them to agree to a favorable deal, leading toa quick turnaround.

  • A home inspection will require you to have these problems fixed anyway

    Your property still needs professional inspection during the escrow period even after you and a buyer have come to a purchase agreement. When the inspector finds areas in your home needing repair, your task is to have these fixed before the sale is finalized.

    Cover all your bases and get repairs done early so you can avoid the potential embarrassment, not to mention delays in closing the sale.

  • Getting repairs done early saves you money

    Being proactive with home repairs helps you get more out of your sale. Small fixes like taking care of leaky plumbing, oiling or replacing creaky window hinges, and painting over wall stains are home improvement projects you can do on a weekend.

    Consistent home maintenance also prevents last-minute repair jobs. Remember that rush jobs fetch higher fees from contractors. But if you are on a tight timeline based on your contract’s contingency period, you have little choice but to agree to these terms.

  • You can stand firm on your asking price

    Instead of requiring you to take care of repairs before sealing the deal, the buyer may opt to shoulder the responsibility. This may sound favorable to you, but in reality, you are also giving the buyer leverage to haggle for a lower final price with estimated repair costs as their basis. At this stage, these costs will be higher than what you would have paid if you took care of them before the inspection.

  • You will avoid losing a potential deal

    No seller wants his/her prospective buyer reneging on a purchase agreement. However, this could happen if you skip repair work before putting your home on the market.

    A buyer can opt out of a contract without major consequences if they feel that issues identified by the inspector are too significant to take on. Negotiations may also be dampened as a result of the inspection.

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