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10 Reasons Why You Will Love Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Fueled by a youthful energy and forward-thinking culture, it’s no wonder people are interested in relocating to this vibrant metropolis. Here are ten reasons newcomers and residents alike have fallen in love with this Southern gem.

  1. The weather is just right.

    Atlanta enjoys a milder climate than other southern states and reaps the benefits of all four seasons. Summer days are warm and buzzing with excitement, while spring transforms Atlanta into a colorful palette. During the summer, the heat can take its toll, but the nights are cool and comfortable. Come winter, you can wear your favorite coat, as it can get sufficiently cold.

    If we are to pick our favorite season in the city, however, it would be fall. This City in the Forest enjoys a golden fall season, with the foliage in various shades of red, amber, and gold.

  2. It’s a great place to start out if you’re a fresh off from college.

    Back in 2014, Atlanta was named one of the best cities in the country for college graduates and young professionals by MarketWatch. Three years have since passed, Atlanta remains a city friendly to fresh college grads and young professionals.

    Median starting salaries in Atlanta are comparatively higher than in other cities. In addition, living costs in the city are reasonable. This enables plenty of young ones to pursue other passions, as Atlanta is a diverse city with many facets worth exploring. Various interests and activities all cultivate into creating a city that caters to young people wonderfully.

  3. The music scene in Atlanta is diverse and impressive.

    Although most people would look to Brooklyn or Nashville for music, Atlanta also boasts a lively music scene. You can find purveyors of any genre here in the city, but Atlanta is particularly known for being a breeding ground of underground hip-hop artists. One of the products of the city is hip-hop legend Andre 3000, hailed as one of the most influential rappers of all time.

    Aside from hip-hop, Atlanta is also home to amazing indie rock venues such as The EARL, Smith’s Olde Bar, and Eddie’s Attic where iconic musicians such as John Mayer, Sugarland, and The Civil Wars got their start.

  4. There are plenty of gastronomic adventures to be had in Atlanta.

    Atlanta is home to a diverse dining scene that will satisfy different taste buds and cravings. From upscale restaurants offering fine dining experiences to simple food trucks, there is something for every kind of foodie in Atlanta. There is also talk that Atlanta is the home of the best Indian fare you can get your hands on in the United States.

  5. Pair your favorite food with a craft beer.

    Atlanta’s food scene is complimented very well by its equally strong drinking scene. The city is home to a variety of pubs. In addition, Atlanta has craft beer stores and microbreweries that will broaden your horizons. A good place to start is the Brick Store Pub, hailed as the best bar in Atlanta. Monday Night Brewery, Orpheus Brewery and Sweet Water Brewery are also loved among Atlanta’s crowd of craft beer enthusiasts.

  6. If you love brunch, Atlanta is the place for you.

    Southerners are very particular when it comes to brunch. Given Atlanta is the heart of the south, you can expect great things. The city is home to several restaurants best loved for their brunch offerings every weekend; so much so that these establishments form lines long before they open. To ensure you are served before brunch is over, plan to arrive early (and if you don’t love brunch, Atlanta will soon change your tune.)

  7. Outdoor recreation opportunities are abundant.

    Although Atlanta is classified as an urban jungle, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with nature. Iconic attractions such as Stone Mountain and Tallulah Gorge are located outside Atlanta and will require a short drive. If you’re not up for that, check out the Atlanta Beltline, one of the largest urban redevelopments in the country, or any of the city’s numerous parks.

  8. Party the night away in Atlanta’s diverse nightlife.

    With a diverse music scene, it comes as no surprise that Atlanta is also host to a vibrant nightlife scene. Buckhead is home to upscale clubs and chic lounges, while East Atlanta Village boasts a variety of neighborhood dive bars each with their own unique personality. If you’re in the mood for an authentic Atlanta outing, however, head to Edgewood where you can sample gourmet fair and street eats alike. Among the interesting eats, you’ll find intriguing destinations like Joystick Gamebar and Sister Louisa’s Church.

  9. The Atlanta Pride Festival is a joyous affair.

    Atlanta’s Pride Festival is the largest in the southeast, held in Piedmont Park every year. It is also one of the oldest Pride events in the country. Atlanta Pride attracts thousands of participants, and the event highly encourages merrymakers to dress however they want. Going to the Atlanta Pride Festival is a definite must-do for every visitor or newcomer.

  10. It’s easy to call Atlanta home.

    Atlanta has a little bit of everything to offer. Some corners of the city are sure to remind you of home, wherever that may be. Regardless of where you’ve been, it won’t take long for you to feel this is where you truly belong.

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