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What’s the secret to home buying success?

The success of your home buying experience depends on several factors. The finance aspect of the process is one, not to mention your overall preparations to purchase a home. The seller also plays an important role towards the success of the transaction. But there is a missing link, one that connects you to the other party.

It is the secret to home buying success. And it is your relationship with your real estate agent.

Why is buyer-agent relationship important?

As you may be familiar by now, your real estate agent can help you overcome the hoops and intricacies of the buying process. They will find candidate properties that suit your preferences, negotiate a great deal for you, and help you close it.

All of those things, however, would not be possible without trust and open communication.

If you do not communicate your vision and your needs to your real estate agent, they will not be able to find suitable homes. They will not be able to serve their functions well. And as a result, it might lead to a failed home buying experience.

How to nurture a positive relationship with your agent

Warmth and friendliness can help you work with your agent on good terms. That said, there are several other things you can do that will help you establish a good relationship with your agent and make yourself an ideal buyer to work with.

  1. Always be on time

    One of the best ways to show respect for your agent is to honor your appointments and show up on time. If you find yourself running late, notify your agent as soon as possible.

  2. Do not work with another agent

    Once you have entered an agreement with a buyer’s agent, take care not to solicit the services of other agents. That includes listing agents— they work for home sellers. Also, avoid getting in touch with other agents or sellers directly, let your agent do his or her job.

  3. Sign a Buyer’s Broker Agreement

    A buyer’s broker agreement defines your working relationship with your agent. It details the obligations and other responsibilities that come with the service provided.Think of this document as the contract that binds you and your agent to each other. If you are not yet prepared to sign this agreement, withhold from asking the buyer to show you houses for sale.

  4. Communicate what you want

    In order for your agent to deliver results you expect, you must let your voice be heard. Early on, iron out how the rest of the buying process will proceed. Will you go together to showings? Will your agent be on standby 24/7? How do you want them to communicate with you?Of course, be reasonable with your requests. Although your agent wants to make and keep you happy, respect their limits and boundaries. Setting realistic expectations and time frames will help with this. If you are dissatisfied with anything, express it gently.

  5. Do not be afraid to ask questions

    If there is something you do not understand about the home buying process, ask your agent to explain it to you. It is better to do so than to agree to anything and deal with the consequences later.At the same time, do not expect your agent to know absolutely everything, especially in the field of law. If you need an opinion about anything that is outside their expertise and control, let your agent know. They will connect you to the relevant professionals.

  6. Observe open house protocols

    Most of the time, it is not advised for buyers to attend open houses alone. As such, always invite your agent to come and escort you. Upon arriving, hand your agent’s card or contact details to the host. This announces that you are already being represented by an agent.If you have any questions, it is best to ask your agent to relay it for you.

  7. Do not cut your agent out of the deal

    Agents work on commission. This is why they are highly motivated to make you happy and see you enjoy a successful home purchase.Buyers typically do not take care of their agents’ commissions. It is the sellers’ responsibility. As such, do not make any attempts to cut your agent out of the deal.

Finally, the most important thing to do is to trust your agent. Let them do their job. You hired them for a reason, so let them work their magic.

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