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Using Virtual Tours to Sell a Home

Like most sellers, you’re probably wondering: “How do I sell my house fast in Atlanta?” With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine, it’s not exactly easy to line up home viewings these days.

But what if you could show people just how great your home is without having them over? This is exactly what virtual home tours allow you to do.

Here’s a quick overview:

What is a virtual home tour?

As the name suggests, virtual home tours utilize technologies or platforms to show people a home even when they can’t physically be there.

Today you will see more sellers using 360-degree videos or 3D technology to give would-be buyers a glimpse into their properties. Others hold a live stream, where the seller’s agent gives a guided tour of the property.

In the past, virtual home tours were used more for convenience (i.e. entertaining out-of-state buyers), but today, they’re also crucial for safety in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While you may have qualms about using virtual tours, note that they offer the following benefits for sellers:

Save time and effort. Organizing in-person home tours now requires more work given the safety protocols that must be observed. Furthermore, some buyers are just looking at options and may not even proceed with a purchase. With a virtual tour, you can show your property to more people with less effort and less wasted time.

They’re just as interactive. When buyers go on a 3D virtual tour of your home, they can explore it at their leisure and click on prompts that tell them more about details like finishes, features, and more. Or they can ask questions in real-time to your agent if they are doing a live walkthrough.

Allows for repeat tours. A house is a huge investment and buyers typically visit a property three to four times before deciding to buy it. Given the pandemic, that’s no longer feasible or safe. However, your agent can share the 3D tour or walkthrough video to prospects who can then “tour” the house as many times as they like.

Conducting Your Virtual Tour

We’ve already touched on the different ways of giving buyers a virtual tour, but let’s take a closer look at them:

3D Tours: Your agent will typically hire a firm that specializes in 3D photo or video production. They use specialized cameras that photograph a room from all angles and assemble the images into a single 360-degree view.

3D tours are typically self-guided but may include “hotspots” that, when clicked, will reveal further information about a room, such as renovations done, construction materials used, and stand-out features. These are typically uploaded on listing sites so that all interested parties can take a tour of the property even before they get in touch with an agent.

Video Tours: If you’re looking for a more affordable virtual tour, a video walkthrough of your property will work for you. Here, your agent will use video chat platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger to give prospects a remote tour of your house. Along the way, they will highlight key features and entertain any questions buyers might have, such as typical Atlanta home values.

You can also shoot the video tour in advance and simply share it with interested parties. This gives you complete control over what to show to would-be buyers. This also sidesteps problems such as dropped or slow internet connections that can happen during live videos.

In either case, the resulting video can also be uploaded to the listing page or shared individually to qualified buyers.

Tips for a Successful Video

To further increase your chances of finding a buyer, take heed of these best practices:

Clean and declutter: To make your home look more spacious and enticing in 3D or video tours, give it a thorough cleaning first and pack away stuff you don’t need or use.

Have good lighting: Even the most inviting room can look drab and boring with bad lighting. Remember: the camera loves light, so open those windows and flick those light switches on.

Don’t forget about the house exterior: Curb appeal matters in virtual tours, too! So, make sure your 3D tour or walkthrough video has a shot of your home’s exteriors as well. Take the time to repaint outside walls and replant your flower beds, as these can also increase property value in Atlanta, GA homes.

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