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Tips for designing your own luxury home library

Mansions in Atlanta come with all the bells and whistles of luxury real estate – including custom designed home libraries.

Whether you’re a rare book collector, a literary nerd, or simply someone who enjoys the smell of both old and freshly printed books, these tips will help you design your private library.

Forget about overdue fines and say hello to the ultimate luxury library experience.

Custom seating

First things first – find seating for your private library. Reading ought to be a relaxing activity, so comfort is a must. Otherwise, you couldn’t spend hours reading away in your library.

Here are a few other considerations when designing custom seating for your literary sanctuary:

  • Material – From silk upholstery to hardwood framing, the world is your oyster when it comes to the materials and make and build of your chairs. Leather exudes a masculine, Old World vibe while silk is more feminine and delicate.
  • Seating type – You have countless options in the high-end furniture market. Sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, and ottomans are just some of them. You’ll also find some modern and ergonomic reading chairs to help improve your posture and keep you comfortable through hours of reading.
  • Capacity – How many people will be using the library? Make sure there’s enough seating space to accommodate everyone. Reading is often seen as a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Your home library is the perfect place for storytelling activities with your kids, for example. You can also host study night for your teen and their friends.
  • Layout – Your choice of seating should follow the intended layout for the space. It’s customary to place chairs in front of the fireplace, for example. Window seating is also a popular choice for home libraries, especially if you have killer views of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Don’t be afraid to make bold choices with seating. It’s one of the most flexible aspects of your library design since chairs can be easily rearranged and re-upholstered as your tastes change over time.


Lighting is another essential aspect of your home library – reading in dim or poorly lit rooms can harm your eyesight in the long-term. As with seating, you have a wide range of choices in the luxury market, including recessed lighting, lamps, chandeliers, motion sensor lighting, and more.

But the best kind of light is natural light, so throw back those curtains and let the sun do its magic. If you don’t have enough windows in your home library, consider having skylights installed.

But nothing beats the warm glow of the fireplace when you’re curled up with your favorite book. From wood burning fireplaces to modern ethanol versions, you’ll also find a variety of options in the market.


Now comes the fun part – how to show off all those books and make them easier to find. Luxury interior designers offer a wide range of custom shelving and organizing solutions, from hardwood shelves for that classic feel to stainless steel for a more industrial look.

Aside from keeping your books organized, shelving also adds a layer of protection. Glass casing, for instance, can prevent pets from getting to your books and damaging them.

Likewise, backlit shelves will help show off your book collection and make each title easier to find.

Temperature control

Paper deteriorates over time. Keep your precious books from rotting by investing in temperature controlled storage to preserve old titles, particularly rare first editions, autographed books, and limited edition prints.

Keep in mind that fluctuations in temperature and humidity is damaging to paper as it absorbs moisture.

And while library experts disagree on the ideal temperature for book preservation, the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NDCC) says that most librarians recommend maintaining a stable temperature of 70°F and a stable humidity between 30% and 50%.

Office features

Most private libraries double as a home office, so why not set up a workstation in there as well? Bring in a desk, chair, computer, printer, and other office essentials. You can even bring in a coffee machine if you like.

Just tell the contractor that your library must have reliable wifi and strategically placed electric outlets so that you can work from home whenever you need to.

You can go as far as to request the installation of soundproof walls to keep your library a distraction-free zone.

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