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The Best Way to Find a Luxury Home Realtor

Buying and selling Atlanta luxury homes require an additional level of care and finesse. After all, we are dealing with truly exceptional properties and discerning luxury home buyers.

The best way to go about with your luxury real estate transaction is to find a local luxury home realtor. Ask friends and family, or turn to the internet, for referrals and then screen your prospects. Here’s how.

  1. Ask about market know-how and other relevant skills.

    Your luxury home realtor should be a specialist on your desired neighborhood. He or she should also be an expert on the market itself, knowing by heart important information and trends, such as the luxury housing inventory and the average number of days a luxury home usually stays on the market.

    Add this expertise with relevant skills, such as communication and negotiation, and you have a luxury home specialist who can help you with your transaction.

  2. Schedule a consultation.

    Forego the traditional interview and schedule a consultation instead. This way, you’re not only learning about each candidates’ work experience in Atlanta luxury real estate, but you’re also getting insight on how each realtor will approach your real estate needs and goals.

    If you are selling a luxury home, ask your candidates about their marketing plans for your property. And if you are buying, send a list of your non-negotiables beforehand and have each realtor present luxury properties that meet your criteria.

  3. Look beyond the price.

    Advice for sellers: don’t hire a realtor based on the list price he or she suggests for your property. First of all, the marketplace determines a property’s listing price. Second, overpricing your home is not realistic and will even deter buyers from making an offer.

    Such a strategy is also highly indicative of a realtor’s experience in the luxury home market. A high listing price might seem attractive, but remember that it is counterproductive and won’t yield the expected results.

  4. Try to establish communication early on.

    It is important to hire a luxury home realtor who you get along and work with well. Early in the screening process, try and establish a connection with your prospective agents.

    Take note of how they communicate (and how often) and their individual work styles. Do they work alone or with a team? If it’s the latter, who actually communicates with the client?

    Remember that your luxury home realtor is more than just another person you hire. This is somebody who you will trust to help you make a significant investment. Choose one who is experienced, honest, and professional.

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