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Six ways to set up a productive workspace at home

Are you working from your home for the meantime? With the right set up and mindset, you can still expect productive work hours even if you are surrounded by a variety of distractions. Here are several tips on how to create a productive workspace in your home.

  1. Find the right spot

    First off, you need to identify the best place in your home for work. Ideally, it should be a spot in the house that is not used often and with access to electric plugs. If you are going to be spending a full nine hours or more in this space, a window to look out to and rest your eyes would be beneficial.

    This space should also be removed from the more recreational aspects of the home. Stay away from the television or from your cozy bed. If you only have a limited amount of space, you can convert a nook or cranny or even an unused closet into your home office.

  2. Identify the things you need

    If all you need for your work is a flat surface for your laptop and notes, a small table would do. But if you need more, it is best to determine what you need for your work early on.

    Do you need a telephone or at least a portable phone for your work? How about cabinets for files and other paperwork? It is also a good idea to determine if the spots you’ve chosen have good sources of lighting. This will minimize eye strain so you can work longer and better. Having some storage would be helpful so you can stash away pens, papers, and other work materials whenever they’re not being used.

  3. Get a comfortable chair

    Odds are you will be sitting for hours as you work. To make the experience more bearable, get a good chair. It should be comfortable, with some back support, and should also be at a complementary height to the table that you will be using.

    How do you like to sit as you work? Some people like to sit cross-legged on their chair. If you do, too, then get a chair with some space. Other people like to put their feet up under the table. If this is more to your looking, find a footstool.

  4. Keep clutter away

    Remove any unnecessary items to your work from the area. They only serve as distractions. Instead of random clutter, place things that will motivate you to work and keep you organized. A small calendar, a repurposed glass full of pens, a small stack of books related to your work, and other office supplies you need would do.

    Of course, it can get a little tiring to look at nondescript items for long periods of time. Give yourself some eye candy to liven up the workspace. A small potted plant in the corner, a framed photograph or art, or something that motivates you to do well would be perfect.

  5. Keep an alarm clock

    When you work at home and your company does not have clearly defined work hours, your work and personal life can get fuzzy and blurred. Instead of working the full hours, you might be unintentionally clocking in overtime or not even meeting your required hours. You might also forget to take breaks and meals, which is an unhealthy habit.

    To give more structure to your work life at home, keep an alarm clock in your workspace. You can also install a time tracker on your personal computer or your phone. This will help you work more efficiently, take the breaks you need, and manage your work day better.

  6. Only buy what you need

    You don’t need to get all-new furniture to set up a productive workspace at home, especially if this work arrangement is only temporary. Clear up a table with enough working surface and get your favorite chair. Only purchase what you don’t have, such as a work lamp and some office supplies.

    If you are 100 percent committed in creating a home office, that is the only time to go out and shop for furniture. Even then, the items you purchase do not have to be all new. You can scour flea markets and discount stores for one-of-a-kind furniture and office decor at bargain prices. 

Now, you’re ready to work from home

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