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Should You Add a Covered Patio to Your Home?

In many parts of the country, a covered patio may be something of an extravagance that does not necessarily add value to the home. Not so in Georgia and the rest of the South, where patios and porches have historically been part of the Southern tradition.

When one speaks of Southern living, an image that comes to mind is a beautiful mansion in Atlanta with a wraparound porch or covered patio where people spend hours cooling themselves in the summer.

In looking at homes for sale in the Atlanta area, should you buy one with a covered patio? If your home does not have a patio, would adding one be a good move?

Here are some of the things to consider.

What can you get out of a covered patio?

  • Recreation and entertainment
    A patio is essentially a recreation area where family and friends can gather especially during Atlanta’s hot, humid summers. It’s a great place for breakfast or brunch, quiet afternoons curled up with a book, or an evening of stargazing. Patios also make wonderful entertainment areas and the perfect spot for a barbeque with friends.
  • Aesthetic addition
    A well-designed patio can make a home more desirable, especially when fronting a landscaped or well-kept lawn or garden. It offers a relaxing escape from the daily grind.
  • Health benefits
    A restful patio invites one to spend time outdoors – something health experts say people should do more of. It alleviates depression and stress, relaxes the eyes, improves concentration in children, boosts your immune system, and more.
  • Added living space
    A patio extends your home’s living area, especially when you add outdoor furniture or features like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace.

Will a patio add value to your home?

The value-added benefit of a patio is a not as clear cut as other home features. In the American Institute of Architects’ Home Design Trends Features for 2017, outdoor living areas like patios ranked number one among “special function” rooms in a home.

Luxury real estate authority says patios yield an ROI of around 30% to 60%, slightly lower than decks’ 73%. Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report puts the ROI on patios at 47.6%, ranking last among the popular home improvements done in 2017.

Based on these different studies, a patio addition is found to improve home value under certain conditions:

  • The property is a luxury or high-end home where lifestyle amenities are valued
  • Patios and other outdoor living spaces are popular features in the area
  • The area gets significantly warm weather
  • The patio is carefully conceptualized to blend with the home’s overall design and features
  • The patio has a professional finish
  • A mid-range addition or a simple patio yields better ROI than a high end one with all the bells and whistles.

Tips on patio construction

While all these studies give you an idea about the profitability of adding a patio, the best reason to have one is to enhance your family’s enjoyment of your home. That said, it’s wiser to look at a patio addition as an investment and consider its effects on your home’s resale value.

Here are some tips on how you can make a patio a profitable addition:

  • Hire a professional to build your patio
    Unless you have the right skills and know how, have the work done by a pro. Amateur work may result in a shabby finish that will not add to the home’s value and may even diminish it.
  • Make sure the patio is proportioned to the house
    You’d want your patio to appear like an integral part of the house instead of just an addition. If the patio is too large, too small, or too elaborate for the home, it will seem out of place and lose its value.
  • Use durable materials that complement the house
    As an outdoor feature, your patio should be able to withstand the elements. Choose materials that are durable and resistant to rain, snow, strong sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. The best choices for the Atlanta climate include stone, concrete, brick, and pavers or manufactured stones. In selecting a material for the patio, make sure that it complements your home’s architectural style and finish.
  • Be mindful of the costs
    Set a budget that will not push your home’s value significantly higher than the average home value in your area. Selling your home at a much higher price than your neighbors’ can make finding a buyer difficult. Your choice of material, the amenities, and the appliances you include in your patio will greatly influence its cost, so review your options closely before making a decision.

Looking for luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA with a great outdoor living area? Want to learn more about the pros and cons of adding a patio? Call me today at 404.550.5113 or send an email to Natalie(dotted)Gregory(at)Compass(dotted)com.

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