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How to Plan and Prepare For A More Organized Move

Congratulations on finding your new home! Now it’s time to turn your attention to the next step: moving to Atlanta.

Here are 6 simple but essential tips to keep you and your family focused and relaxed for the big move:

  • Plan ahead
  • If listing a current home to sell, give yourself at least an 8- to 12-week head start to prepare moving. The lead time will give you plenty of room to plan your transition—declutter, create a budget, compare moving companies, and organize the room layouts at your new home.

  • Stay organized
  • Changing homes can be overwhelming. To minimize stress, consider the following tactics:

      – Notebook or binder

      Keep everything in writing—from your moving timeline to your rough ideas, crucial questions, and the most random notes-to-self. Granted, a laptop or mobile phone can also serve this purpose (and be a great back-up), but sometimes pen and paper are simply more convenient and intuitive. For example, you can’t staple or clip receipts and contracts to your phone.

      – Checklists

      Lists make things easier to track. Make lists for everything—from a moving-day checklist to the items you need to purchase for your new home.

      – Labels

      Labels come in handy when your moving boxes start piling up. You’ll have an easier time unloading and unpacking when you know which boxes go where.

  • Create and stick to a budget
  • After spending a significant sum for a new home, you’ll definitely want to manage your moving expenses. Consider the following when calculating your moving budget:

      – Moving company fees
      – Moving supplies such as tape, padding, and boxes
      – Cleaning materials and supplies for the new house
      – Travel costs, including gas, food, and supplies
      – Car maintenance prior to a lengthy move
      – Emergency funds

  • Make sure the new house is ready for your arrival
  • Before moving day, be sure your new house is move-in ready. This includes any necessary painting, cleaning, and repairs.

    Check if you have essential utilities—water, electricity, heating—as well as other services that your family might need, such as a landline or internet.

    It may also help to introduce yourself to your new neighbors ahead of your move. You might gain for yourself a few helping hands or dinner on moving day!

  • Sell or donate stuff you don’t use anymore
  • While packing, sort your belongings and pick the items you can do without. You can hold a garage sale or sell items through consignment, donate items to your local community or charity of choice, or even post items on social media.

  • Pack a moving kit
  • On moving day, be sure to bring with you a small bag with your travel essentials.  Think of items you’d typically pack in a carry-on when flying.  Recommended items include a toothbrush and other basic toiletries, any prescription medications, a change of clothes, IDs, and your wallet. Be sure to look after the needs of your kids and/or pets, too!

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