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How to equip your luxury home with the right security system

Atlanta luxury homes are not only incredible investments, they’re also personal sanctuaries that are meant to keep their occupants safe and secure. As such, it only makes sense to equip your high-value home with the best security solutions.

Fortunately for modern homeowners, home security products and technologies have taken huge leaps in recent years. Innovation has allowed homeowners to better protect their households today.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when you look for the ideal security system to install in your home:

Know your home

To find the best security system for your home, get a good picture of the property’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Consider where the entrances and windows are, identify specific areas where your most valuable belongings are stored, and determine which parts of the home need the most security. Boosting security in the most vulnerable places can enhance the protection of the entire property.

Consider expandability, as well. Perhaps, in the future, you’ll find a need to add new equipment to augment the system you will initially install. It’s best to plan for these from the start to implement any future addition without a hitch.

Additionally, learn about alarm permits and regulations that apply to your city or neighborhood to ensure your compliance.

Stay connected

The internet has become an integral tool in most security systems today – and this is a good thing. Internet-connected security cameras let you check in on your home even when you’re miles away, usually through an app on your phone or laptop. Some smart security systems automatically notify your local security or police force when alarms in your home are tripped.

Features like these allow you or the authorities to act right away, wasting no time in addressing potential security issues. They’re also highly convenient, giving you centralized control even when you’re not at home.

As an extra safety measure, look into alternative wireless technologies like Z- Wave, which are designed to be harder to hack into or disrupt compared to standard wireless or cellular data connections

Invest in top-of-the-line surveillance cameras

With a larger space to cover, you will likely need quite a few cameras. Make sure there are no “blind spots” around your home by installing cameras in strategic locations and limiting potential entry points. Areas of the home where high-value items and collections are stored should be kept well-lit and equipped with cameras, as well.

Invest in top-of-the-line products that provide high resolution videos and photos, such as high-definition or 4K cameras. They’re able to capture a high level of detail, which can be extremely useful in identifying an intruder or burglar.

Cameras with digital zoom are especially suitable for expansive homes or mansions in Atlanta. Night vision capability can capture footages in full color, instead of grainy black and white or odd green images

Install motion sensors and break-in alarms

Modern motion sensors designed for the smart home are wireless, and with no wires to cut, that makes them harder to disable. Motion sensors can trigger alarms, which can scare a burglar away and prevent them from doing damage in your property. They may also be connected to a local police station, who can immediately respond to the security threat.

Other effective alarm systems include:

  • Glass-break alarms for windows or doors
  • Motion-sensitive lights, especially in outdoor areas. Knowing they’re visible can deter potential intruders
  • Smoke detectors to detect attempts at wire-cutting or short-circuiting security system interfaces

Upgrade to digital door locks

Regular door locks can be picked or forced open by blunt force. Digital door locks can put an end to this. They’re also highly convenient, as they eliminate the need for keys; all you need is your mobile device or to punch in a code. If you lose a key or a set of keys, or if someone leaves the home permanently, there’s no need to change the locks on your doors. You simply have to reset the codes.

You might have heard of stories of digital door locks getting hacked, but the latest technology has greatly minimized these threats. The best products have gone through intensive testing to enhance their strength and resistance to hacking.

Turn to the pros

If you’re wary of the DIY route, hire professionals to set up and install your security system. They can provide you with options for complete systems that work cohesively and efficiently. You can also rely on them to do needed maintenance and repairs.

You may need to pay fees to maintain their services, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your home safe and secure at all times. Look into lock-in contracts, and if they can’t be avoided, consider one that will not tie you up unreasonably, or will give you options for a replacement if necessary.

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