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How Not to Turn Off Potential Home Buyers

Let’s discuss the things sellers shoulddo to create a positive impression on prospective home buyers.

Let’s get started.

  1. Give your property a thorough cleaning.

    This is one major step you shouldn’t skip when preparing your home for sale. Sweeping the floor and wiping windows are not enough to do the trick. What you need is intensive cleaning in every nook and cranny of the home.

    Make sure to cover carpets (if there are any), tiles and grout, as well as kitchen and bathroom counters. If your property has an attic and/or basement, make sure these areas receive ample care and attention as well. Buyers can be quickly deterred from purchasing a home at the very sight of grimy tiles or even dusty surfaces.

  2. Keep your home smelling fresh.

    Another big deterrent from attracting buyers is unwanted (and pungent) odors. Such malodorous smells present in a home can indicate that the property is unclean. After all, they can come from leaky and faulty pipes, dirty spaces, and even your pets. But when it comes to stink, home buyers are turned off mostly by cigarette smoke.

    In cases like this, we naturally reach for perfume to cover up the smell. Don’t, as this might also trigger allergies from buyers. The best way to get rid of the smell is to address the issue (if applicable), air out the home by opening the windows, and strategically place gentle air fresheners around the house.

  3. Remove your pets from the property.

    It is wholly possible for some of your potential home buyers to be frightened of cats and dogs. Maybe they are simply not animal lovers. Worse, they might be allergic to your pets.

    I highly recommend removing your pets from the house during showings. This will allow your realtor to sell the home without having to worry about unfortunate encounters.

    Most importantly, by removing your pets from the location, you’re being sensitive to buyers’ feelings and even your pets’ needs.

  4. Replace outdated wallpapers with a fresh coat of paint.

    Wallpapers sure add a healthy dose of personality to every room. The downside is, wallpaper designs can easily become outdated. Buyers also have different style preferences.

    In order to appeal to all of your potential buyers, replace wallpapers with a fresh coat of paint, preferably in a neutral tone. It’s the safest bet. Although it won’t wow home buyers, it won’t also turn them off. Walls in a neutral color are also the perfect canvas to let prospective buyers imagine what they can do with the space. Leave it up to them to dress it up once they purchase the home.

  5. Spruce up your home’s curb appeal.

    You need your home to have great curb appeal if you want to grab potential buyer interest. Weeds, overgrown plants, patchy flower beds, broken fences, and peeling paint will not help you.

    Keep your plants watered. Replace broken pots and repair what needs to be repaired. Make sure the outside of the house is as welcoming as the inside.

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