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A Gastronomic Adventure Along Buford Highway

Labeled as one of Atlanta’s most diverse communities, it comes as no surprise that Buford Highway also ranks high when it comes to culinary experiences in the city. Here are some of the highly-rated and most loved restaurants along Buford Highway.

La Costilla Grill Atlanta
3979 Buford Hwy

Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or some late-night karaoke, the patrons of La Costilla Grill all agree on one thing: this Mexican steakhouse serves absolutely delicious fare. La Costilla Grill serves these on small plates, and the great cocktails will always have you in a party mood. One can argue that La Costilla Grill is probably the liveliest spot in Buford Highway with its karaoke, live music, and chatter from satisfied eaters.

Nam Phuong
4051 Buford Hwy

Learn why Anthony Bourdain is so in love with Vietnamese food at Nam Phuong restaurant, an unassuming eatery along Buford Highway, famous in the community for serving simple yet lovely Vietnamese offerings, such as steaming bowls of pho and fresh spring rolls. There is no such thing as cheat days in Nam Phuong– the food here is healthy yet bursting with flavor. Indulging in good food has never felt or tasted this good.

Lee’s Bakery
4005 Buford Hwy

Another must-visit Vietnamese joint along Buford Highway, Lee’s Bakery has earned the love of its community with its richly-flavored pho, sub sandwiches (also known as banh mi), and other staples of Vietnamese cuisine. As one satisfied reviewer posted on Google Reviews, Lee’s Bakery is simply “phonominal.”

Kang Nam
5715 Buford Hwy

From Vietnam, let’s travel to Japan, located just down the road. Kang Nam is clean and sleek, and its menu serves fresh and impeccably served sashimi and sushi. There is no denying the food here is beautiful and delicious. If you’re dining with a large group, book one of the private tatami rooms for a traditional Japanese dining experience. Great food, atmosphere, and service aside, Kang Nam is also surprisingly affordable.

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House
5953 Buford Hwy

You can tour the world in Buford Highway by checking out its restaurants. For some warm Korean food, head over to Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House. This casual Korean kitchen serves popular Korean favorites, such as bulgogi and bibimbap, served along a bevy of side dishes on small plates (known as banchan). That’s just one of the many reasons why plenty of people visit Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House.

5150 Buford Hwy

Lauded as one of the restaurants in Atlanta by Atlanta magazine, Mamak draws heavily on South Asian culinary traditions, serving favorites such as curry laksa, Hainanese chicken, and wok-friend flat rice noodles (with beef!). Once you take a bite out of their food, it goes without question that Mamak’s food is indeed “crafted with love.”

Are you looking for more food recommendations? There are awesome soul food and delicious fine dining around Atlanta! Browse our blog for more info about Atlanta’s dining scene. As for Atlanta real estate, contact me today at 404-550-5113 or [email protected] to explore your opportunities in the market.

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