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The Fascinating Neighborhood of Druid Hills

For years, the neighborhood of Druid Hills has captured the attention of tourists and Atlanta locals alike. What is considered one of the most affluent Atlanta suburbs is a tight-knit community built by some of the city’s best citizens. Since its foundation, Druid Hills has served as the home of Atlanta’s most influential and notable people, its canopied streets giving shade to a diverse range of real estate. Here are some of the reasons why Druid Hills is one of, if not the most storied suburbs in the Atlanta area.

  1. Druid hills was one of Fredrick Law Olmsted’s very last commissions.

    Prior to his death in 1903, Fredrick Law Olmsted, one of the country’s most renowned landscape architects, was hired by Joel Hurt to help him create his “perfect suburb.” The plans for Druid Hills eventually turned out to be one of Olmsted’s very last commissions. One of the most notable features of the community’s designs is the string of parks that line Ponce de Leon Avenue.

    Another design feature is Druid Hills‘ lush greenery. To complement its collection of historic homes and estates, tree-lined avenues and scenic open spaces are scattered throughout the neighborhood. It’s almost like you’ve transported yourself to the English countryside.

  2. Asa Candler of Coca-Cola was one of Druid Hills’ founders.

    Although Druid Hills was originally conceived as a planned community by Joel Hurt, Druid Hills wouldn’t have been developed if not for the help of some of Atlanta’s leading families, which included Asa Candler’s. Druid Hills’ illustrious history might be one of the very reasons why the neighborhood has attracted Atlanta’s most distinguished residents.

  3. Druid Hills is only a short drive or commute away to and from Downtown Atlanta.

    One of Druid Hills’ main draws is its location– it’s situated in close proximity to Downtown Atlanta, being only approximately five miles away. In this aspect, old-world charms and modern sensibilities are combined when you live in Druid Hills.

  4. There are four districts within Druid Hills that are included in the National Register.

    These districts are the Druid Hills Historic District, Emory University District, Emory Grove Historic District, and University Park-Emory Highlands-Emory Estates Historic District. These districts were added to the National Register on 1975, 1998, and 2000.

  5. Druid Hills is home to some of Atlanta’s most beautiful and valuable estates.

    Druid Hills’ best and brightest residents lived in some of the most regal estates in all of Atlanta. These historic homes include Rainbow Terrace (the home of Lucy Beall Candler Owens Heinz Leide), and Briarcliff (Asa G. Candler’s residence). Some of Druid Hills’ well-preserved estates have also been turned into public spaces. Charles Howard Candler’s Tudor-style estate is now the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. A mansion of Asa Griggs Candler, Sr. has been turned into St. John’s Chrysostom Melkite Church.

    As for Druid Hills’ real estate offerings, the community offers anything between modest single-family residences to stately homes. It’s also one of the best places to live in Atlanta for people whose choice of home styles include Georgian, Italian Renaissance, Jacobean, Tudor, and Victorian.

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