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Eco-Friendly Features for the Modern Luxury Home

Many global issues are cropping up and affecting the way we live – among them, the specter of climate change and global warming. Even in real estate, this issue is pushing builders into finding ways to lessen their carbon footprint and save on energy.

On the local side, we now see several modern luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA that combine rich architecture and eco-friendly features. Listed below are some of them:

Solar Power

Many mansions in Atlanta strive to move toward the use of renewable energy sources by limiting the use of electricity. A popular household alternative for energy is the sun. Thus, you can see several Atlanta luxury homes decked with solar panels that harvest energy from it.

When combined with batteries, these panels can give a home all the energy it needs. These can also complement a home’s design, giving it a unique postmodern effect.

Smart Gardens

A well-maintained garden at home can greatly improve not only its curb appeal but also its innate ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the surroundings and generate life-sustaining oxygen. Then again, a significant amount of maintenance is needed for these gardens to remain aesthetically pleasing. Drought-resistant plants like cacti and succulents may be what some homeowners need as these require very little watering and maintenance.

Tech Integration

Modern luxury homes also have smart home technologies installed for more convenient monitoring and operation of connected systems. You can now control the thermostat, adjust your air conditioning settings, and lock/open doors from a remote location using your smartphone. You can even turn on your TV and channel-surf with the help of a voice-controlled digital assistant.

Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

Other than making life more convenient for homeowners, smart tech brings forth less energy consumption. While energy-efficient appliances are more expensive, these appliances can significantly trim your electricity bill. You essentially save money in the long run and recoup your investment.

LED Lighting

Lighting can completely transform the feel and appearance of many modern luxury homes. But if you are batting for both appearance and energy efficiency, then LEDs are your answer. Compared to incandescent bulbs, your standard LED bulb reduces electricity use by as much as 90%. Just like energy-efficient appliances, LED bulbs cost more but will last much longer and heat up less.

Using locally sourced and sustainable building materials

One detail to ask a home seller about regarding a modern luxury home is building materials. As early as construction, steps could already be taken for a greener home. If building materials used are local and sustainable, then this can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Examples of these are straw bales, rammed earth, bamboo, recycled plastic, and wood.

Some of these materials are affordable and can be locally sourced. Plus, these have a big positive effect on your home’s indoor climate.


Some homes tend to waste energy because of drafts, uncontrolled airflow, and air leaks. Moreover, these homes lose up to 30% of their heat. If you’re looking for good mansions for sale in Atlanta, check out if the ones you’re eyeing have better insulation and new air-tightness technology.

There are also “green” insulation materials with high R-values (the measurement of how good a material can resist the flow of heat) that are surprisingly easy to come by. Some of the best around are sheep wool, cotton, Aerogel, rigid polystyrene, and Icynene. These are effective in reducing energy waste while ensuring that the indoor temperature in your house remains optimal.

Energy-Efficient Windows

As a fitting complement to good insulation, a home with double or triple glazed windows does away with cold spots and reduces heat loss. These windows can increase the energy efficiency in your home while letting natural light in. They can also block unwanted sounds from outside.

For that added luxurious touch, big floor-to-ceiling windows will have the ability to bathe a luxury home with natural light. You increase your home’s aesthetic factor and score a win in eco-friendly initiatives.

Consider Atlanta as the best venue for finding the luxury “green” home of your dreams! We can help you in this endeavor – just call us at 404.550.5113 or drop us a note at Natalie(dotted)Gregory(at)Compass(dotted)com. I am Natalie Gregory. Let’s get you that Atlanta home you deserve.

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