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Make your condo look and feel larger with effective staging

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Well-lit Living Room

Large and welcoming spaces are always attractive to homebuyers. But what if your property has limited square footage? This is a common concern that condo owners face when the time comes to sell their units.

Fortunately, modestly sized living spaces can easily look roomier with some clever staging. Try these 10 staging strategies to make your condo look bigger and more inviting in the eyes of scrutinizing buyers:

  1. Remove excess and unessential furniture and fixtures
  2. All good staging projects begin with strategic decluttering and cleaning up. Simply put, if something in your living spaces is more decorative than practical, keep it out of sight from any visiting or touring buyers.

    Give your potential buyers the illusion that your condo is a blank slate so it can be easier for them to visualize how they will design and occupy the space as their own.

  3. Make the floor “flow”
  4. Open, flowing floor plans are the preferred style when it comes to modern living spaces. Clear your floors of any small furniture like footstools and ottomans, as well as other non-essential decorations like potted indoor plants. If you have carpets on your floors, roll them up and put them away, as well.

  5. Paint your walls with light, neutral colors
  6. A fresh paint job can instantly rejuvenate your living space, making it look and feel good as new. Being smart about the colors used will also help you make your unit feel more spacious and accommodating. Choose neutral colors and light shades, especially in your main living areas so that light can bounce around the room better.

  7. Let plenty of light inside
  8. Put away the heavy drapes and replace them with light, flowing curtains that you can easily pull to the side. Natural sunlight is excellent for showing off your living space, especially when you have an opportunity to exhibit your property to interested buyers during daylight hours.

    For darker nooks and crannies around your unit, consider adding minimalist lamps or using brighter light bulbs.

  9. Add mirrors and clear glass finishes
  10. Mirrors are a clever way to make rooms look and feel larger. They create the illusion of extending physical spaces just by reflecting their surroundings, while also helping light bounce around the place better.

    If you are willing to update your furniture before selling or rent pieces for staging purposes, choose pieces with glass finishes like clear or translucent dinner or coffee tables.

  11. Decorate with glass and metal pieces
  12. Building on the previous idea, choose transparent or translucent pieces if you want to add decorative items on your tables and shelves. Remember the no-clutter rule at the very top of this list, however. If you are adding decor to your living space, do it only so that your rooms do not appear empty and bland.

  13. Choose the right upholstery
  14. Take a good look at your furniture and their upholstery. Do you have couches and pillows with heavy, busy patterns? You might have to replace them with upholstery with more muted, solid colors to make your unit look more spacious. “Loud” colors and intricate patterns can distract buyers’ eyes away from the bigger space surrounding your furniture.

  15. Highlight outdoor space
  16. If your condo has a balcony, make sure to stage it and show it off in your property photos. Buyers will appreciate having extra space to take in some sunshine and fresh air beyond the main walls of your unit.

  17. Showcase your storage
  18. Condo buyers are in it for the convenient, low-maintenance lifestyle. This reason is why storage is another bonus that can compel interested buyers to choose your property.

    In addition to making your main living spaces look and feel larger, do the same for your cabinets and closets. Use temporary storage services to keep your non-essential belongings so you can exhibit the maximum storage capacity of your closets. Remember to illuminate these spaces well, too.

  19. Take photos from the right angles
  20. It also takes some planning and strategy to take pictures that complement your living spaces. Look for the ideal angles that maximize your unit’s size within the camera’s frame.

    For greater convenience, hire professionals to stage and photograph your property. Their expertise and experience will spare you from the stress of having to choose the right angle and composition to create compelling property photos.

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