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High-tech upgrade ideas for Atlanta luxury homes

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
5G Accessibility at Home

Equipping your property with the latest innovations is one of the most satisfying ways to maximize a luxury home.

If you already own, or are planning to buy a gorgeous mansion in Atlanta, these 10 high-tech upgrades will deliver the high-end lifestyle that you have always dreamed of:

An entire system of voice-activated appliances

With the wonders of Wi-Fi, everything in your house can be more connected than ever before. You can easily assemble a system of interconnected appliances that can operate remotely using your home network. From turning on your TV and home entertainment system, to adjusting the AC, you can control everything from the screen of your handheld smartphone—or better yet, by the sound of your own voice.

Sensor-activated or time-based LED lighting systems

Sometimes, the perfect living conditions can be created with just the right mix of light. Equip your home with LED light bulbs with varying color temperatures are excellent additions if you want adaptive room lighting to suit any mood.

Look for light fixtures with remote or automated controls, as well. Sensor-activated lights are a fashionable and energy-efficient addition to any modern home.

Adaptive thermostats

If you own a sprawling luxury home, managing temperatures across all of your rooms can be more cumbersome than you would like. Thankfully, centralized heating and cooling systems are available. In addition to operating them from control panels installed on your walls, these innovative systems can also be conveniently managed using an app on your favorite mobile device. Thermostats that “learn” and adapt to your usage habits over time are also increasingly common.

Smart door locks

Security is always a primary concern, especially if you own a high-value property. Upgrading to digital door locks is a step in the right direction.

These smart locks use PINs or digital codes that you can send from your mobile device. You no longer have to worry about physical keys that can easily be lost and duplicated. Not only is this more secure, it is also a more elegant solution that blends seamlessly into the modern lifestyle.

Internet-connected security cameras

If you have to leave your home for an extended period of time, you can get greater peace of mind by having an extensive security system installed around your property. Better yet, modern surveillance camera systems are designed to connect to the internet. This way, you can monitor your property from an app on your smartphone or computer whenever and wherever you are.

A 4K home theater or gaming room

If you have spare space in your luxury home, why not dedicate an entire area for your favorite form of entertainment? How about a private home theater fitted with a sprawling, 100-inch 4K Ultra High-Definition screen and an incredible sound system to bring the latest blockbusters straight to your home?

Of course, recreation comes in many forms, so always choose what suits your tastes and needs best.

Solar panels

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzzword for modern homes. It is a practical way of life that can benefit your household in the long run. Installing solar panels on your rooftops is an excellent way to make the most out of Atlanta’s average of 217 sunny days per year.

Digital faucets and shower controls

Managing your water consumption is another way to make your luxury house more efficient. Sensor activated faucets, for example, make sure that no water is wasted whenever your hands are not directly underneath them. There are also innovative digital faucets that you can time for specific activities, such as brushing your teeth.

The same benefits apply to high-tech shower control systems. These optimize your water usage while making sure that you still enjoy your bath time to its fullest.

Hands-free toilets

Heated seats are not the only ways you can enjoy tech on your toilets. Some advanced designs offer a complete, hands-free experience. With built-in water spritzers and automated dryers, you can literally avoid getting your hands dirty.

Embedded mirror TVs

If you like staying tuned to the news while you do your daily morning grooming routine, or if you simply want to enjoy a movie while soaking in the tub, having a TV in the bathroom sounds like the ideal solution. Thanks to modern mirror designs, you can have just that and no longer worry about electrical safety risks. You can now find mirror-mounted TVs that you can install in your vanity for your viewing pleasure.

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