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Amenities and Features that Homebuyers Should Look For

Shopping for a new home is one of the most thrilling moments you can have in life. In all the excitement, however, it’s easy to get carried away by your emotions and make the wrong decisions that can prove costly down the road.

To help keep your focus, it’s best to draft a list of your preferred features and amenities before you start your home search. This will also help you and your realtor narrow your search and find the right property in a shorter time. When looking at houses for sale in Atlanta, Georgia, keep your list handy and check it often to ensure you’re on the right track.

Your list will depend on your unique needs and preferences. In general, however, these are some of the most important things to consider:

  1. Location

    Where you choose to live can have a significant impact on your daily routine and quality of life. Location also plays a major role in your property’s value appreciation, and this is something you have little control over. You can always make improvements on your home, but you can’t do anything much about a bad location.

    In the Atlanta area, it’s hard to go wrong with your choice of location. Anywhere in the metro area, you’ll find wonderful neighborhoods with topnotch amenities, great access, and rising property values.

    To narrow your search, consider the following:

    • Proximity and walkability to destinations that are important to you and your family, such as work, schools, and recreation centers
    • Nearby amenities that you most want to have, including parks, golf courses, shops, restaurants, a community pool, and others
    • The views surrounding your home, such as the city’s skyline, a lake or river, parks, or golf courses
    • Access to public transportation
    • Safety, security, and privacy


  2. Your lifestyle

    Look for a home with features and amenities that match the lifestyle you want. If you’re single, perhaps you would prefer the convenience of living in a condo in or near midtown Atlanta, close to shops, restaurants, and bars. If you have a family, you might want to check out homes for sale in Decatur, GA, or other communities in the metro area with a tranquil, suburban feel.

    Think about your everyday life and your regular needs. Does your family use more than one car? If so, you may want a home with a garage for two or more cars. If you have very young children, you might want to avoid homes with features that may pose safety hazards, such as a steep staircase. You’d probably also want a large yard where your kids – or your pets, if you have any – can run around and play.

    If you love entertaining, consider a home with a spacious dining room or an outdoor living area where you can host barbecues and outdoor parties. Are you a fitness buff? An in-house gym or a nearby trail could be perfect for you

  3. The space you need

    Related to your lifestyle, you also should consider the amount of space you need now and in the future. Perhaps a studio or a one-bedroom condo is enough if you’re living alone and don’t want the burden of maintaining a bigger space.

    If you have a family or are planning to start one, you will need a larger home. Consider the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you could live with. If you’re looking for a starter home, perhaps you’ll want a property that will give you the flexibility to expand in the future.

    If your work is home-based, you might want extra room for an office. A property with a finished basement would make a good choice. A basement can also have other uses, such as an entertainment or hobby room, a playroom for the kids, or a guest bedroom.

    Look into your storage needs, as well. Consider an unfinished basement or attic for storage. If you have a rather sizeable collection of clothes and accessories, walk-in closets may help you organize better.

  4. Energy efficiency

    One of the features many look for in a home today is energy efficiency. If this is important to you, a new construction home is probably your best option. One would likely include state-of-the-art features with technology designed for energy efficiency, such as smart home systems, Energy Star rated appliances, double pane windows, and so on.

    You can also find older homes that were recently improved to incorporate energy-efficient features.

  5. Architecture and design

    Architectural style and design give a home character and factor greatly on how it’s perceived by outsiders. In the Atlanta area, you’ll find a wide range of choices when it comes to architectural styles, including contemporary, traditional, Georgian, ranch, colonial, and more. Determine which styles resonate with you best and filter your home search accordingly.

Looking for homes for sale in Atlanta that fit your lifestyle and match your needs and preferences? I know where to find the perfect property for you. Call me at 404.550.5113 or email Natalie(dotted)Gregory(at)Compass(dotted)com today.

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